The Listening Room

These are youtube videos, and they look a little jerky, and sometimes the sound doesn't match the image you are watching. The sound is also very thin compared to hearing a great violinist in real life. Even with all these imperfections, I still think it's great that we can kind of see what these great players look like performing, and of course hear the sounds too.

“The most important thing I look for
in a musician is whether they know how to listen.”*
- Duke Ellington

David Oistrakh
david oistrakh
Great Dancing
from —Latcho Drom—
Jovene Flamenco
jovene flamenco
Kyung Wha Chung
kyung wha chung
Tchavolo & Dorado Schmitt
Tchavolo & Dorado Schmitt
Emre Gultekin
kanun player Emre Gultekin
Isaac Stern
violinist Isaac Stern
Sawai Kazue
koto player Sawai Kazue
Wong Sun Tat
erhu player
Jascha Heifetz
jascha heifetz
Oud & Violin
oud & violin
young rayito
Hillary Hahn
hillary hahn
Michael Rabin
michael rabin
Latcho Drom Fiddles
rom band Taraf de Haidouks
Sarah Chang
young sarah chang
Itzhak Perlman at 13
itzhak perlman at age 13
Yun Tang
yun tang
Maxim Vengerov
maxim vengerov
Alicia Svigals
maxim vengerov
Young Maxim Vengerov
maxim vengerov
Joshua Bell
joshua bell
Anne Sophie Mutter
anne sophie mutter
young manoush
young jazz fiddler

Clicking on these images will open a new window. If you are using Internet Explorer, I am still trying to figure them out - you might have to try firefox in the meantime…but remember to check with your parents before you download anything!