Studio Documents

Please take some time to look over the documents I use in studio. They are important, and both parents and students should understand them thoroughly.

The Student Learning Contract is a good way for students, parents, and instructor to get on the same page at the beginning of the year. It can be useful to check in with each other on the terms of the contract so we can all stay together, or adjust ourselves if we need to.

My Studio Guidelines outline how I like to run my studio, and they also give parents a rough sketch of what their young person will need from them in terms of support and practice parameters. Please look this document over more than once. I hope that parents read it when they contact me initially, and I think it is worth checking in with the guidelines as the years progress just to make sure everything is happening okay. If you have any concerns or questions about these guidelines please contact me.

As I find groovy stuff for lessons, I’ll post it here, please let me know if I can post something here that will make your lives easier! I am always on the lookout for cool lesson stuff. There are downloads of other things, (scale patterns, fingering charts, and the like), posted elsewhere on the site, but if it makes more sense for something to go here, do let me know.